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Delivering aid and compassion to the people of South Sudan & The Nuba Mountains

The people of South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains continue to suffer from decades of civil war, religious & ethnic persecution and genocide. Rarely have they experienced peace time in the past seven decades. Despite their suffering they persevere, carry their pain with dignity and loudly declare their faith.

Our organization supports immediate emergency aid and long term sustainable development projects. Current projects include: Emergency Food Aid, Drinking Water Wells, Hospitals, Schools and Pastoral Development.

The magnitude of the suffering is immense but with your generosity  we can continue to bring sustainable relief to tens of thousands. Your assistance does make a difference. You can help a suffering fellow human being today.

Meet Bishop Macram Gassis


Bishop Emeritus Macram Max Gassis officially served as Bishop of the El Obeid Diocese in Sudan from March 1988 until October 2013. Today he continues to work tirelessly to build schools and hospitals in his diocese, and to bring awareness to the plight of his people in South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains. 

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